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Job Posts to attract Unicorns!

Most job postings attract many applicants. Your inbox is jammed with resumes from average and unqualified job seekers. This is no good for anyone involved. There are too many to respond to and the filtering alone takes time and does not produce the best candidates. 

What about your company is important to an ideal candidate? What do you do differently that will really resonate with an ideal employee? Do you even know what an ideal employee would be? If you write an average or typical post you will get average and typical responses.

Most postings list the expected duties needed to be performed. Don't you think it is obvious that a sales person should prospect, have meetings and close deals? So why are you wasting everyones time by listing this?

My favorite is listing about an excellent training program. If your program is so good why are you not promoting from within your company? 

To attract top level talent you have to describe your company and why it matters. You have to show that there are many options available for applicants to grow and learn whatever skills they want and need. You may have an idea about what a typical career path should be but top level talent is not typical. A simple post explaining what the company does and why it exists will attract better applicants.

Allowing for options is what top talent looks for. Why do you think it is so common that people change jobs and careers these days? 

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